How are you?


What do you say when someone asks “How are you”?

I bumped into a friend of a friend the other day and asked her how she was. I don’t know her very well at all, so I was surprised when she said she felt a bit strange.. She went on to explain that she had been feeling anxious and odd for a couple of days and hadn’t been sleeping very well. Almost immediately she then apologised for telling me this and said, “I just felt I could be honest with you”. I reassured her that she could indeed be honest with me and told her not to apologise. I was delighted in fact, to be perceived in this way.

It made me think it would be so much easier if everyone was honest about how they feel. I was flattered that she had told me how she really was. I then went on to share that I was no stranger to uncomfortable mental states and she wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

It was a very brief interchange; she was en route to the Post Office and I was waiting for a bus which arrived soon after.

It made me remember my blog and the reasons I started it. I think we both got something out of this chance meeting and it seemed like the most normal thing in the world to talk in this way. It reminded me that when I feel able to share how I am, it always helps and stops it getting blown out of proportion. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone felt comfortable discussing how they are in an everyday fashion?

So I’m back to carry on where I left off. It’s too important not to.


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